The Fun Boat

As  educators we know the value of including fun in the classroom and we believe the best education is an active one. Hence, The Fun Boat!  The Fun Boat is a metaphor for having a crew of experienced educators offering parents and their kids the option of an alternative learning experience.  We will take kids out on adventures, where they will have lessons in English which will both improve their English skills as well as allow them to have an experience they might never have had. With our partner, Wise Choice Children’s Society, we will take both privileged and under-privileged students on these adventures as we want children to learn together and build a sense of community.

There have been many articles in the news about students in schools including an article dated 9th November on 2015 that said,  

‘Many students in Hong Kong Schools are not grasping the joy of learning’

and then EJ Insight reported on 7th December 2015, 

Lunch break in at least 64 primary schools is less than 30 mins.’

There is also the fact that underprivileged students don’t get the same chance at extra tuition as stated in the article published by the SCMP on 10th August 2015.


‘Education gap threatens poor Hong Kong Children.’

Contact us for details of our adventures and how you can sponsor an underprivileged child to have an adventure for free!



 Contact details : or call us on 3957 0082.

 Under the Sea!

Under the Sea!




                               The Place to Learn and have                                                    Fun!

                              The Place to Learn and have                                                    Fun!