Aviation English

We provide specific courses for you if you want to work in the the Aviation industry as a pilot, cabin crew member or other member of staff.  Pilots and Air Traffic Control Officers need to achieve a  Level 4 of the Rating Scale as produced by ICAO, while cabin crew need to be able to communicate with passengers from around the world in English. We can also help you with general English skills as well as  provide short term training for interview purposes. Wise Choice is  a member of the International Civil Aviation English Association.


Business English

With the use of technology and the availability of flights, the world has become a smaller place.  It is easier now to fly to different countries, to do business as well as use the internet to send documents and e-mails around the world. Again English is the common factor here. With this course we will help you with presentation skills, writing reports, documents, telephone skills and more.  We also offer a Plain English course.

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Legal English

Different from Business English, this course is designed for those of you in the legal industry who want to understand the standard legal phraseology more for your careers.    Plain English for Lawyers  is also available.

Teacher Training

The objective of our workshops is to supplement your English lessons by providing you with  ideas that can be used on a daily basis.  At the end of the workshops, you will  feel confident about using the materials provided by us in your class. Our workshops include 'Using games in the classroom', 'Using Drama in the classroom', 'Workplace Communication in the Classroom'  and more.  

Banking English

With this course, those of you in the Banking industry will learn to practice and expand  your grammar, vocabulary and phrases associated with banking products and finance.


Plain Language

What is plain language?  It is also known as Plain English and has become the norm in businesses in several countries, including the UK, US and more. It  is a means of communicating to people that fits the needs, abilities and interests of  the intended audience. With this course you will learn the key techniques you will  need to  prepare  documents, presentations, web content and social media.  

We have several courses for the younger generation too:   

General English classes including reading, writing, language arts, speaking as well as practice for the Hong Kong Speech Festival  together with Cambridge courses, KET, PET and more.   

We are also offering Language Arts extension courses using the Fairy Tales On Trial Books. This course is aimed at young students to challenge them as they use all language arts skills, critical reading, analytical thinking and writing as well as speaking and drama.


We use Jolly Phonics.  With phonics your child learns 42 sounds and with the 42 sounds, your child learns to blend words which helps them to read. Reading takes them to magical places and also improves their vocabulary and writing skills.  Phonics is useful for native English speakers and non-native English speakers alike and our classes are fun and child centred.  They can be 1:1 private tuition classes or in small groups of  5.



The IELTS exam is  taken by over 2 million people every year and it can open doors for you, if  you want to live, study and work abroad. The IELTS exam is accepted by all countries that require a language test for immigration purposes.  The course is suitable for students aged 16 and over and we offer both academic and general training.  We also offer courses for the new Life Skills exam.

DSE English group discussion practice

Every year Form 6 students take their DSE exams and  as a  part of the English exam, there is the discussion component. We can offer weekly classes for DSE students to practice  group discussions as well as individual responses.  Our tutors at Wise Choice have been helping students with DSE group discussion practice since the inception of the DSE exams.  

We understand that some people may not have the time to attend full courses so, we also offer workshops on each of  our courses. Lessons can be at your home and courses at your place of business or one of the facilities we use in Central, Kowloon and Lantau.  Contact us for more details on any of our lessons, courses or workshops - wisechoiceedultd@gmail.com